Recently Repaired

Picture of HTC One M8

HTC One M8

Screen Replaced on HTC One M8

Picture of Apple iPad 4 Gen

Apple iPad 4 Gen

Charging Port Replaced.

Picture of Acer Laptop

Acer Laptop

Operating System Restored. Cleaned From Malware And Viruses

Picture of Apple Imac

Apple Imac

Customer accidentally dropped iMac on the table and the screen was blank. Our technician bring it to life and made internal dust cleaning including processor and graphics card chip greasing with thermal paste the same day.

Picture of Sony Z Ultra

Sony Z Ultra

Screen and back cover replaced.

Picture of Hp Laptop

Hp Laptop

Faulty Hard Drive Replaced. Operating System Installed Including Antivirus For 1 Year.

Picture of Lenovo Flexbook

Lenovo Flexbook

Customer Was Hacked. Operating System Restored + Trusted Firewall Installed

Picture of Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge

Front screen and back battery cover replacement plus android operating system recovery and update.

Picture of Tomtom Navigation

Tomtom Navigation

Updates done on Tomtom navigation (Full Europe on SD card).

Picture of Xbox 360 Slim

Xbox 360 Slim

Dust Cleaned Including Processor Greasing.

Picture of Samsung Note 3

Samsung Note 3

Lcd Screen Replaced

Picture of Sony M4 Aqua

Sony M4 Aqua

Charging Port Replaced.